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Aquaponics and Poly Tanks

May 20th, 2013

No, Aquaponics is not the name of a pop band from Norway. It’s really an excellent sustainable system of producing food, where you create a symbiotic habitat where you grow plants in water on the one hand, and fish, prawns, snails and other aquatic animals on the other.

The word comes from ‘aqua’ of ‘aquatic’ and ‘ponics’ of ‘hydroponics’ or growing plants in water, without soil.

How Aquaponics Works

You can create an aquaponic system in your own backyard. It can be on any scale, depending on the size of your backyard. And it’s very low maintenance, since you’ll find that the two parts of the system take care of each other. The fish release ammonia in the water from uneaten food etc. If this remains in the water, it can kill the fish. Instead, the plants guzzle up the ammonia and other nutrients in the water. They clean the water and release oxygen into it. This water then circulates back into the system. It’s a near-perfect system where the plants and animals help each other to survive.

In return, you can grow your own food without having to use up too much precious water!

All that you need are some grow beds and some fish tanks. Also using durable poly water tanks means you can collect rainwater to run your aquaponics system. Not only will you be doing the country’s groundwater a service by making use of rainwater, you will also be able to make the most efficient use of the water you collect! Check out Clark Tanks for your water tank needs.

Two Ways That Garden Chemicals Affect The Environment

February 8th, 2013

ID-10014843There are lots of ways that garden chemicals affect our environment. Below are two of such ways, to give you more understanding:

Herbal pesticides used in gardens can cause diseases and also destroy the environment

These are used to get rid of pest and rodents in the garden. Also, these are also used to get rid of weeds.

Herbal pesticides have toxic contents can be carried away in runoff. When this occurs, wildlife become is destroyed.

In addition, many herbicides and pesticides have been associated with different types of diseases that include   neurological disease, cancer, and birth defects.

Drinking water can contaminated by garden chemicals

Most of these chemicals are known seep into the water supply and contaminate the drinking water for animals and humans.

This may likely occur after a heavy storm or through any system of water runoff on the land.

Installing a quality rain water tank to collect rainwater can help prevent this. In Australia, poly water tanks are a popular option as they come in a variety of styles, colours and are very strong. If you’re looking for stylish and durable water tanks, don’t look past National Poly Industries.