4 Ways in Which Gardening Can Help Sustain the Environment

October 10th, 2012

Garden PathGardening is as old as man. It is the practice of growing and cultivating plants for foods or for decoration. These are often done in a place called the gardens, which can be located in the near the home or in public places. And today, rain water tanks also play an important role for conserving precious water supplies.

Gardening plays significant role in impacting the environment. You should get idea of some of the ways in which gardening, and National Poly’s water tanks, really help the environment. Below are highlights of 4 ways in which gardening can help to sustain the environment.

Gardening help to control extreme temperatures – With gardening, the growing and cultivation of plants like shrubs and trees are carried out. These plants help to mitigate the effect of extremities of the weather. In other words, when there is extreme cold or heat, the garden trees can lessen the effects on humans and animals.

Gardening helps to improve human health – In gardens, most people will use them as suitable places to get relaxed and play around. By doing this, they are saved from physical and mental stress. This is one reason many visit public parks and gardens. Most of the gardens serve as perfect ground to carryout exercises.

Gardening helps to prevent flooding – In many areas affected by frequent and heavy rain falls, Flooding could really be devastating. However, if gardens are grown in near the water sources, flooding would be abated. Gardens can absorb the excess water that could have otherwise overloaded the drainage system. Most agricultural experts often recommend the planting of trees in areas prone to flooding and erosion.

Gardening helps to sustain wildlife – When gardens are planted, many creatures are sustained. The nectar from the flowers is attractions to butterflies, bees and other insects. Most so, bigger creatures like birds and mammals are sustained in bigger parks and gardens. By sustaining wildlife and creatures, nature is preserved.

So, these are four ways in which gardening can help to sustain the environment. There are lots of other great ways but the ways described above can give you an idea of how the immediate environment has richly benefited from gardening.

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